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Should You Buy Organic Cashews?

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Should You Buy Organic Cashews?

Should You Buy Organic Cashews?.

Cashew Production Doesn't Use Many Pesticides
Few if any pesticides are used in cashew production in most areas, according to the World Wildlife Federation (WWF). With 97 percent of the total cashew crop produced by small farms or collected from the wild in Brazil, there is little large-scale production.
Some Growing Areas Use Pesticides
In a few areas of Africa, infestations damaging to cashew trees have been controlled by spraying with pesticides. If you are allergic to pesticides or want to avoid them, organic is the way to go.
Bottom Line
Umbra, an foodie advice columnist on Grist, says if you can afford the organic cashews, it may be worth the extra couple of dollars just to avoid the pesticides. You cannot guarantee what kind of pesticides conventional cashews may have come into contact with, so if organic is in your price range, make the splurge.

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